Things to Do on the Upper East Side

The Upper East Side of Manhattan is a great place to live. This is partly due to the fact that the neighborhood offers so many terrific things to do.

Imagine waking up each day with the world as your oyster. You only have to decide which museum, shop, venue or restaurant in close proximity you want to visit. Here are a few things you can include when planning your staycation.

Catch an Event at The Park Avenue Armory

The Park Avenue Armory is a historic National Guard Armory from the 1880’s. Today, the gothic revival style building serves as a cultural institution. It hosts art exhibitions, concerts, recitals and other types of performances regularly.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Lexington Candy Shop

The Lexington Candy Shop gives you an opportunity to step back in time and satisfy your sweet tooth. Originally opened in its location in 1925, it maintains its vintage style offering old fashioned candies and homemade sodas. It may not be diet friendly, but it certainly makes a fun afternoon stop.

Get Your Art on at the MET

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) is a must see for all culture buffs in the area. It is known for its extensive collections including its themed rooftop exhibits that take place every summer. The Egyptian Wing is a real treat offering the largest collection of Egyptian art outside of Cairo.

Stroll Through Central Park

Central Park takes up a good portion of the Upper East and Upper West Side of Manhattan and offers no shortage of things to do. Get some reading done while taking in the sun at the Great Lawn. Picnic in Strawberry Fields or take selfies near Bethesda Fountain. Go boating or enjoy a free play during the Shakespeare in the Park summer series.

Satisfy Your Inner Shopaholic at Bloomingdales

If you are a shopaholic, there is seemingly no end to the charming boutiques and upscale shops that line the streets up the Upper East Side. But if you are looking for a serious shopping adventure, Bloomingdales is a must. They offer a variety of fashionable items. After you’re done shopping, head to Forty Carrots on the 7th floor for a fro-yo treat.

Get a Workout at Steep Rock Bouldering

If you are looking to get a workout in, Steep Rock Bouldering is the place to do it. It offers rock-climbing walls for various levels of difficulty that will work every muscle in your body. And its so much fun, it barely feels like exercise.

Visit The Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum is a great place to learn about Jewish culture. Its exhibits include artifacts and artwork that date back over 4000 years. Find out what collections will be showing when you come to visit.

When you live on the Upper East Side, every day is an adventure. Its shops, museums, venues, parks and restaurants ensure there is never a dull moment. To make this a daily part of your life, call New York Real Estate Broker Michael D. Rehm at (646) 895-2945.